Complement, Don’t Match

Gone are the days of all matching white shirts and khaki pants. You want soft, neutral colors that complement each other. If you want a spring look, aim for soft pastels like blush, light gray, light beige, or powder blue. If you want a bolder, more contrasting type of look, choose a more vivid color scheme for your outfits. The important thing is that you’re happy with how the color looks on you and how the colors look between the two of you and the environment you’re in.

Stay away from very dark colors and very saturated colors, especially bright red. If you really want to wear red, you can use it as an accent color and incorporate just a little into the photo, or choose a red that’s a little darker like wine or burgundy.

Pro tip: Put your outfits out on the bed and look at them together. Do they look good together? Keep the number of different colors you have to a minimum. My recommendation would be to have mostly neutral colors and one or maybe two accent colors.

Consider Your Environment

Think about the environment you’re going to take photos in and consider those as part of the overall color palette when choosing what colors to incorporate into your outfits. If you’re taking photos in a wheat field, wear creams, oranges or browns. Maybe even a pop of dark red if you’re saucy. If you’re taking photos in a park with lots of greens, stick to natural colors like creams, yellows, greens, blues, or pinks. The fewer colors the overall photo has, the more pleasing it will feel to look at.

Stay Away From

Logos, text, and images on clothing. Logos, text, and images cheapen an outfit and also draw attention away from your faces.

Transition Lenses. Out in the daylight, your transition lenses darken and will hide your eyes. If you can, choose a pair that don’t transition. A pair with an anti-reflective coating is even better.

Complex patterns. Every line, dot, and pattern adds an element of complexity to an outfit. Simplicity and solids are always a winning formula when choosing your outfits. If you want to spice up an outfit, choose something with a texture (chunky knits, lace, etc.).

Most importantly, avoid tight patterns, especially small plaids, and small stripes. They don’t play nice with the camera and create funky effects.

Consider your Home Décor

If you’re planning to hang the images in your living room, what colors would compliment the surrounding area? Keep that in mind when choosing outfits and the location of your shoot. If you’ve got a neutral living room with lots of beiges and browns, wear warm, neutral colors.

Plan for the Weather

If you’re doing photos outdoors in the middle of winter, be sure to wear outfits that you can be warm in. Dress it up with knit beanies, scarves and boots. It’s miserable to pretend you’re not cold in a t-shirt in 30-degree weather. It will look more natural, too, if the warmth of your outfits matches the warmth or coolness of your environment.

Don’t Overlook the Shoes

This is one element that’s often overlooked, but still so important. It’s true that most people won’t be staring at your feet in a photo. That is, of course, unless your shoes don’t look like they go with the outfit you’re wearing. Heavy boots would certainly look silly with a tank dress. Flip flops would look strange with a sweater and jeans. Tennis shoes would look strange with dress pants. Even still, dressier shoes that don’t look worn will dress up even a casual outfit. A sexy pair of heels does wonders for just about any outfit.

Feel Good in What You Wear

If you feel like you look great in something and must have that, use that outfit as the basis for your color palette. If you feel great in what you wear, your positive attitude will show in the photos.

Layer and Accessorize

This is one of the secrets to good outfits. Layering creates texture and interest without adding too much color complexity. You could wear a blazer, jacket, cardigan, vest, scarf, etc. You could also accessorize with bows, headbands, tall boots, heels, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, watches, etc.

Wear Fitted Clothing

If you have some extra pounds you want to hide, it might feel natural to want to wear clothing that’s a little looser so those rolls don’t show through. Please resist the urge to do this. Wearing fitted clothing will do far more to flatter your figure. The eye perceives how wide you are by the width of your clothing. The wider the clothes, the wider you appear to be.
If you have particular areas you want me to make sure are hidden, mention that to me and I can make that happen. Plus, a little photoshop can go a long way .

Be Fabulous!

You can always wear something totally glam. It looks amazing in just about any environment and everyone looks good when they look fabulous.

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