If you’re having the what-to-wear debate for your engagement photos, you’re not alone. It’s a question that most couples want to know. After all, most of us don’t do this every day. I’ve compiled a few tips to help give you a few ideas to think about for your own personal tastes and also what looks best with the light and airy style of photography.

Decide on a Color Palette

Choose two to three coordinating colors you want to wear. I strongly suggest a neutral tone and an accent color or two. Remember, neutrals don’t necessarily have to be gray or cream. You could choose shades of muted colors such as blue, green or brown as neutral as well since they are colors often found in nature.

Visit my What to Wear Pinterest board for ideas on pairing colors together.

Stick with neutrals and muted colors

Muted and neutral colors look best in the overall photo because they allow the attention to be focused on you rather than the clothing you’re wearing. They also help you to coordinate better with the natural environment you’re doing your photos in.

Coordinate, but don’t match

You definitely don’t want to be matchy, matchy, but definitely coordinate your colors and styles. Choose a color palette that you like and stick to colors within that palette. You can choose a color palette based on a piece of clothing you have that is a must-wear; something you feel amazing in.

Also don’t forget to coordinate the styles you are wearing. If you are wearing an elegant formal gown, you definitely don’t want him in jeans and a t-shirt.

Check out my Engagement Outfit Inspiration Pinterest board for ideas on what to wear.

Choose two different outfits: one casual and one dressy

If you really can’t decide on what to wear, consider choosing an outfit to change in to. Something casual can be really cute especially paired with some fashionable accessories like scarves, hats and high heels. I would also recommend something more formal that will make you feel like a million bucks.

I recommend at least one flowy dress for the girls. Dresses that have movement photograph so nicely and they are great for twirling. Guys can never go wrong with a suit and tie or slacks and a jacket.

Here’s an example from The McBailey’s of two outfits: one dressy and one more casual.

Wear fitted clothing

For some it feels counter-intuitive to wear fitted clothing because you don’t want to show every imperfection, but in the case of photography, it actually works well. Loose or baggy clothing can actually make you appear larger than you are. Your clothes don’t need to be too small, but make sure they at least fit well.

Incorporate accessories

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Accessories can make the outfit. Some classic accessories include earrings, necklace, bracelet, scarf and hat. These are good for any season. Also, don’t forget those shoes. You wouldn’t wear a formal gown with sneakers. Dress up those feet with stylin’ boots or shoes.

Choose accessories based on the season. In winter, you might also consider wearing a sweater with a winter scarf, beanie or tall boots. In spring or summer, you might wear a brimmed summer hat, sunglasses or a light scarf. You might even consider going barefoot if you’re going to be on a beach.

Rent something

If you want to rent something fancy, but don’t want the expense of buying something you may not wear again, consider clothing rentals. There are great online clothing sites such as Rent The Runway, Glam Corner, Poshare,  that offers designer clothing rentals. There may also be clothing rental stores in your area.

Go Glam!

Last, but certainly not least, be fabulous! If you were to buy a dress like this super long and flowy one from Mr. Pretty, I wouldn’t even be mad. In fact, if you’re a size small or medium, I have this skirt and top that you are welcome to borrow.