I’ve known Dan and Penni’s family for years. I first met them when I photographed their blended family I can’t even remember how many years ago. I also photographed Dan’s daughter’s wedding a few months prior. I love this family. I was more than thrilled when they asked me to photograph them after their temple sealing.

Earlier in the day, the weather report said it would be partly cloudy with no rain. Perfect, I thought! When I was driving down to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, however, it started to sprinkle with dark clouds looming in the distance. I can handle a little rain, but I was nervous for the small kids. I got to the temple early to take a look around and it was starting to get pretty windy. Not great. Oh well, you deal with it how you can, right? Thankfully the heavens smiled down on us and both the rain AND wind stopped by the time their sealing was over. Yay! In fact, it was really beautiful outside.

When Dan and Penni walked out of the temple, Penni looked even more stunning than usual and Dan looked dapper sporting his traditional Scottish kilt. They looked truly happy. I love getting to be part of growing love stories like theirs.