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Romantic and Playful Wedding and Portrait photography for kind, easygoing couples.

Sara Lleverino

Hey There! I’m


I’m a mother of four children and wife to fix-it-Felix (yes, his name is Felix and he’s super handy). I have an infections laugh and am nearly always smiling.

  • I believe in being kind always
  • My favorite TV show is Arrested Development
  • Coke (the cola, not the drug) is my lovey
  • I love to dance
  • I’m an audiobook junkie

“These are seriously the best pictures! I can’t thank you enough 🤍”


What to Wear for your Couple’s Session

What to Wear for your Couple’s Session

Complement, Don’t Match Gone are the days of all matching white shirts and khaki pants. You want soft, neutral colors that complement each other. If you want a spring look, aim for soft pastels like blush, light gray, light beige, or powder blue. If you want a bolder,...

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Then and Now

Then and Now

You guys. I can't even believe I'm doing this, but I wanted to share with you how far my photography has come since I first started. Be prepared. The beginning is pretty scary. I just wanted to warn you first. Although I've used film cameras and disposable cameras my...

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